6 July, 2023


Small private groups
Hiking duration: 3:30 hours
Total duration of activity: 7:00
Difficulty level: easy
Activity for all seasons
Suitable for children.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday

Hours: from 7:30 to 14:30

Groups in this activity are of 4 to 8 people.

More people can participate on the condition that they have their own vehicle.

Our company has a 9-seat van for customer service.

Activities can be canceled by our company in case of adverse weather conditions and be rescheduled or refunded.

Our hike to the mythical mountain of Olympus starts from the position of Orlias at an altitude of 320m. After about 2 hours of hiking on a path of incomparable beauty with amazing vegetation and running water, along almost the entire route, we reach the magnificent 20m high Red Rock waterfall. The ascent is gentle and continuous, reaching an altitude of 570m. at this point, it is time to rest, since we will have covered a distance of about 5 km. On the way back we will find ourselves at the incredible pedestals of Orlia where we will have time to relax and dive.

Departure from Thessaloniki at7:30  
Arrival at Orlias at8:45  
Hike to Red Rock starts at9:00  
Arrival at the Red Rock site (approximately, depends on the group):11:00  
Stopover for20 min.
Departure from Red Rock at11:20
Orlia podium stop (swimming, diving!!!):12:30
Arrival at Orlias at13:00
Departure for Thessaloniki at13:15
Arrival in Thessaloniki at14:30


€65 per person

The price includes

1) Professional certified mountain guide

2) Certification of drivers in first aid

3) First aid kit

4) Backpack and walking stick (by arrangement)

5) Liability insurance

6) Photo coverage

7) Legal taxes

Not included in the price:

Meals, drinks and beverages

Don’t forget to bring

• Mountaineering or trekking shoes

• Snacks (bars, pastries, chocolates, etc.)

• 1.5-liter bottle of water

• Backpack

• Sunglasses and sunscreen

• Personal pharmacy

•Swimsuit, Towel (depending on the season)

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